The info below can be one of the biggest stepping stones
in your life towards better health.--Dr. Donna

In Need of a Diet Makeover?

Are your meals filled with the same old foods?

Do you feel challenged in the kitchen?

Can you cook a dish from scratch whenever you want?

These are some of the signs that you may be in dire need of a diet makeover. Here are a few more: Have you tried to improve your diet but it seems that you are missing some information? Tired of your children or your husband not eating vegetables? Do you try new recipes that don't work? Are you silently watching your family lose confidence in your cooking ability? Tired of making diet changes with no improvement in health? Were you recently diagnosed with diabetes or low blood sugar?

You may be in need of a diet makeover. Stepping into your kitchen may be the major stepping stone to your health and Dr. Donna's Diet Makeover may be your answer!

Feb. 29, 2008

Dear Friend,

family fun kitchen

I'm Dr. Donna Schwontkowski and I want you to feel the same way I do whenever I'm in the kitchen: that it's the most peaceful place to be in the house, the place where only good things like healing, love, joy, and nourishment sprout forth, and where a source of deep satisfaction can be felt from knowing that anyone who is fed from my kitchen leaves the house more wholesome than before they entered.

Read on about how I can help you attain this same feeling, plus a lot more, by sharing with you my secrets from the kitchen that I've developed over the years. I know there's a lot of info, but the details here will give you what you need to decide if now is the time for you to do a diet makeover.

family dinner

First, a little about my background on how I got to this point where I can help you change your diet and do it successfully.

I absolutely love solving people's health problems, especially those that stump other health professionals. I find that many of these health problems start in the kitchen and especially at the dinner table. And the kitchen and dinner table are the same places where you can start to experience your own nutritional and health breakthroughs.

For over 25 years I have given thousands of patients advice on what to eat to improve their health. My background in chiropractic medicine, nutrition, and herbology sent me down a very unique alternative medicine path where I was able to combine these disciplines into successful health strategies for my patients.

I investigated their health challenges through hair analysis tests and almost always uncovered mineral deficiencies and high levels of toxic aluminum, lead, bismuth, mercury and/or arsenic and then set up 6-month nutritional protocols to get their health back on track. My patients said the difference in how they felt was remarkable and they looked better, too. Their skin had a vitality that radiated from within. They thought more clearly, had more energy and noticed many little health problems and some big ones disappeared.

Not Enough! We Want More!

lobster meal

Even though they were improving their health, many patients kept asking, "What next, Dr. Donna? Where can I learn how to cook healthy meals? Do you have a cookbook? How do I use herbs and spices?"

They had tasted new dishes and foods at my health seminars and realized that my experience as a dietitian and food service director in institutions had given me nuggets of wisdom that could take their health to the next level.

"Coach us!" they said.

refrigerator open

The truth is that you can go from boring, unhealthy meals to exciting life-giving, health-reversing flavorful meals that please even the most finicky eaters in your family in very little time. You can go from sneers, snippy comments and ugly faces at the dinner table to kids who say, "Give me more!" and can't wait to rush home from school to see what's in the refrigerator.

Your meals can look just as good as those in the finest restaurants without spending hours in the kitchen. It all depends on your nutrition and kitchen know-how and a little bit of experimentation.

After realizing how important people felt this type of coaching was to them to reach optimal health, my 90-Day Coaching Program was born. It's guaranteed to make even those who dislike cooking take off on a personal journey to discover health in the kitchen, at the dining room table, in the grocery store, and while standing in front of the refrigerator looking top to bottom, wondering what is for dinner.

Dr. Donna's Diet Makeovers
90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program

My Diet Makeover Coaching Program is composed of nine teaching lessons (via teleseminar) combined with downloadable audios and reports that are created to drastically increase your knowledge and skill in the kitchen, and do it fast. The coaching takes place over three months, during which you have plenty of time to develop your new skills. SCHEDULE HERE You'll also have the chance to find out about other coaching students share their kitchen success.

When you sign up for the 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program, the first thing that happens is you will email me a list of what you have been eating and preparing for your meals. You will then receive a 15-Point Menu Analysis of your diet. Each week of the 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program, your score will improve automatically and easily, just from the knowledge you gain during the coaching.

By the end of the 90 days, your Diet Makeover will truly be a kick-butt (pardon the expression), disease-busting menu plan that packs in passionate flavors, antioxidants, beauty, and health-releasing factors that make you proud of your kitchen efforts. The best part of all is that you will NOT be slaving over a hot kitchen stove to get there nor will you be stressing in the kitchen.

15-Point Menu Analysis

cut peppers on cutting board

The info you learn in this 15-Point Menu Analysis is the foundation of your 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program. I'll personally examine a four-day menu of your diet and give you a score in these 15 different categories. Basically, we will be looking at the three primary factors that affect your diet from the standpoint of health and how it looks on the plate, because that's what makes you want to or not want to eat.

Specifically, we will work on categories such as diet composition, appetize-ability, and healing potential. The higher we can improve your score, the greater your health will improve in a short period of time and the more fun you will have in the kitchen. papaya fruitBefore long, you will be humming in the kitchen with a new apron on, preparing to serve and eat another relaxing and nourishing meal.

You can read about each of these 15 categories in more detail here, or skip down to the heading titled "What You Get by Signing Up For This Coaching Program".

The Diet Composition category refers to the proper ratios of different nutrients for health. The Appetize-ability category refers to increasing your body's desire to eat healthy foods and how to make foods attractive and tasty so that family members will eat them. Healing potential refers to different factors that contribute to you either getting sick or getting healthy.

All three of these categories are important aspects of improving your diet, yet several of the 15 points are never addressed by health practitioners. They simply do not have the time in their busy schedule to care about them! Even so, these 15 points are vital for your optimal health!

Diet Composition Factor

1 Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Ratios


If these ratios are out of balance, you will not achieve your health goals, no matter which nutritional methods you use. You will learn a quick way to get this ratio right on the very first day of your 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program. This is the only part of the program where technical info and some basic calculations are used.

2 Fiber Content

The fiber level in your diet determines your risk of colon, breast and prostate cancer. Let's get your fiber level up to par and relieve any of your concerns and worries. We'll do it without psyllium in new and exciting ways!

3 Food Freshness Score

colorful vegetables

Eating processed foods gives you a rating of 0 on my Food Freshness Scale, where 0=bad and 10=perfect. You can easily triple your freshness score overnight and have your family complimenting you on how great dinner looks with one of your next meals! Simplicity rocks in this program!

4 Raw Food Score

Raw foods are loaded with enzymes and some raw foods contain chemical constituents that reverse cancer and stop tumor growth. Eating a diet without these important foods can be the missing key to your health.

5 Fruit and Vegetable Variety

Everyone knows that we all need a variety of fruits and veggies to be healthy but many of us do not know how to sneak them into the diet of our family without getting any backtalk! The big questions are what to do with these foods for fussy eaters and how to do it.

berry dessert

Appetize-ability Factor

6 Score on How Appetizing Your Meals Are

The more you make your meals irresistible, the better your nutritional status! I learned this during my second job as a dietitian and food service director at a 196-bed nursing home in Illinois. Once their diet was changed to homemade healthy and appetizing food that tantalized their taste buds, the residents became more alert and started feeling better. Imagine that: nursing home residents happy about their food!

In graduate school for my master's in nutrition, I wrote a 300+ page book for undergrad nutrition students on how to create appetizers for fancy banquet parties. I'll share this info with you.

7 Flavor Variety

chopped parsley

No one wants meals that are bland. How do you add passionate, mouth-watering flavors to your foods? When you start packing layers of flavors into your meals, you will be amazed at how your appetite and snack searching behaviors change. It's a true revelation.

Changing flavor variety of your meals reminds me about how once you change what is on your plate each meal of the date, a ripple of health changes occur in your life. You feel better for more hours of the day. Soon you want to exercise and don't make excuses to go to the gym. You feel a greater sense of happiness and contentment and self-confidence than before. You start finishing projects that lacked motivation before. You are more alert and creative solutions pop into your mind. People are enjoyable again. These are some of the initial benefits you may feel after a Diet Makeover.

8 Spices and Herbs Usage

One reason why people do not cook exciting meals is because they are not familiar with herbs and spices. You can learn this culinary skill very quickly in this 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program.

herbs and spices in kitchen

Here's what Jennifer W. of Salt Lake City, Utah said: "My big dream was to be an incredible cook for my family but I didn't know how to spice food with anything except salt and pepper. When you showed me your simple method of how to add spices and herbs to food, it opened up a whole new world to me. I have been using your method for 10 years now and everyone tells me I'm a great cook! It works and it's so satisfying to know I am great in the kitchen!"

veggie tray

9 Food Colors

Did you know that three colors in foods are associated with your body's ability to stop tumor growth? Did you know that green foods in your diet help the body maintain proper pH? And that any orange food helps your vision and boosts your antioxidant levels? Using color does more than make food look good. You'll learn this exciting info in your Diet Makeovers coaching program.

10 Recipe Variation


Your ability to vary recipes quickly to match what's in your refrigerator helps not only your budget, but also your family's nutritional status and motivation to eat.

Menus can look exceptionally good when they have a different type of entree: beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork and buffalo, every day, but this is not practical!

When will you eat the leftovers? You'll learn what to do with leftovers of that beef roast, whole chicken or Thanksgiving turkey. Instead of hearing "Chicken again, Mom?" you will hear "That was the best chicken meal I ever ate!"

Will Your Diet Heal You? Your Healing Factor

11 Healing Potential

saute vegetables

You may have a particular health issue at this time. If so, let food be your medicine. Let's make sure you are eating to nourish and heal every cell in your body. Certain wild foods and regular food selections will help you do this. For example, did you know that genetically engineered foods activate an enzyme called reverse transcriptase that starts changes in the body's cells? According to some research, these changes can be associated with immune system problems. The good news is that you can reverse that pattern with certain wild foods. I discovered this when I was a technical advisor for a major herb company in the 1990s.

Your score for healing potential is based on your health condition(s) and what you are eating to reverse it. In the registration form for this 90-Day Coaching Program, there will be a place for you to list any health issues and you can choose up to two that your Diet Makeover will be geared towards improving.

12 Portion Sizes

This one is difficult for many people to master. In nutrition and health, we cannot change what we do not acknowledge is wrong. Your score in this category can be a revealing moment in time that turns the page for your weight loss. I recall the time my daily diet contained an extra 650 calories. Although initially shocked, I was secretly relieved that the cause of my weight gain was revealed.

13 Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

couple preparing salad

Once those extra pounds are added to our body, we become more prone to diabetes, one of the killer diseases of the 21st century. You can prevent diabetes and even reverse Type 2 Diabetes simply by knowing how to plan meals based on a low glycemic index and by considering the glycemic load of the day's foods you consume. The literature is full of cases where people did exactly that. Why not become one of them?

14 AGE Score

AGE stands for Advanced Glycation Endproducts, harmful chemicals that start explosions of reactions in the body that cause dementia, aging, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and inflammation. This brand new research is revolutionary and has not yet made it into mainstream medicine. You'll be light years ahead of even your health practitioners by knowing this information and the payoff is that you are in total control of your health. How would you feel if you knew that your nutrition knowledge was great enough to stop, prevent and even reverse any of these major diseases? Empowered? I believe so!

kids help with dishes

15 Food Safety

Food safety is always a concern. If you're doing something in the kitchen that is contributing to odd or unusual stomach and intestinal disorders, such as something with your cooking, food storage, and/or food clean-up practices, let's identify and solve this right now.

What You Get by Signing Up
for this Coaching Program

Signing up for my Dr. Donna's Amazing Diet Makeover 90-Day Nutrition Coaching program gives you access to:

1 Teleseminars with downloadable audios. (Value: $900)

downloaded audios

You receive access to nine teleseminars, three each month. Teleseminars are telephone-based seminars in the privacy of your home. That makes it easy to save time and money by not driving anywhere. It's easy to fit them into your schedule. You will need unlimited long distance calling for these calls. If you do not have unlimited calling, simply download the calls instead.

These teleseminars are held on Thursdays at 6 p.m. If you miss one, simply download the recording and listen at your convenience.

My goal is to help you create your Diet Makeover and improve your health before summertime barbeques start. That way you can show off your new skills to your friends.

2. E-cookbooks on different topics. (Value: $150+)

Part of your coaching program includes developing the skill of creating recipes from scratch. Last month I was selected to be the nutritionist for a nutrition reality show that will soon be pitched to the TV stations.


I taught two young boys how to cook from scratch and they made six different recipes: Herb Baked Chicken with Vegetables, Whole Grain Waffles, Whole Grain Pancakes, and good old American Apple Pie. These boys were eager learners and their mom called a week later to say that they were in the kitchen, creating brand new recipes! I had unleashed budding Master Chefs into the world, she said.

Part of your 90-day Coaching Program contains The Complete Library of Cooking, Volumes 1 through 5. These ebook cookbooks are in pdf format and will give you all the basics of cooking anything: cereals, appetizers, breads, muffins, meats, dairy products, fish, vegetables, fruits, desserts and everything in between. This is an excellent resource. In this 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program, we will go beyond the recipes in these books and discuss how to take any recipe and modify it to fit your health needs. Learning how to easily change any recipe into a food dish worth bragging about is a skill that very few have but it is one I can teach to you in this Coaching Program.

Every week, you will receive additional recipes on specific topics in pdf format as well. You will probably never need another cookbook again. Here is a list of just some of the recipes you will receive:

3 Food Shopping Tips
(Value: start saving hundreds of dollars a year)

grocery store veggies

The more you can cut costs, the easier it is to save money on bigger things such as party foods. The more you can cut costs, the sooner you can use some of those savings to invest in other high-quality foods.

As editor of Health & Fitness Magazine for 9 years and TV Show Producer/Host of Health & Fitness Solutions for 4 years, I have access to inside information from companies that produce high quality food. I will share it with you.

4 Your Initial Menu Analysis (a $200 value)

Once you know the areas that can be improved, we can get to work. You may already know that I am not a judgmental person who will hold your score against you! Instead, at the end of the Nutrition Coaching Program, I will rejoice with you over your newly-gained confidence in the kitchen and forget about the past!

consultation picture

5 One 20-minute consultation with me personally
for individual recipe creation to reverse a health issue
(a $75+ value)

There is no doubt about it: food can be a medicine. I'm happy to create a recipe for your personal health needs. This can be transferred to a family member as well.

To me coaching is all about giving you what you need to succeed in the kitchen and for your optimum health. If you ask any people who have taken my health programs in the past, you will find that they say I often go beyond what is expected. But don't take my word, find out for yourself.

6 Recipe Sharing with others in the coaching program
(Value: It's difficult to put a value on new friendships.)

Maybe one of your best recipes is a Southwestern Chicken dishes and you have an outstanding recipe for chicken soup, one that will kill any flu virus circulating in the neighborhood. Why not trade recipes with someone who has an uncanny ability to make chickpeas taste good? Or how about the idea of creating a brand new recipe between the two of you and then sharing it with the group? We will make recipe creation a fun process.

dinner in the oven

7 How to Prepare Foods Easily and Quickly
(Value: more time)

Slaving over a hot stove is not what this Diet Makeover Coaching Program is about! Learn how to save time while insuring high quality meals. Your time is valuable and the time you put in during this coaching program will save you time in the long run.

8 Access to Dr. Donna's private videos
showing more advanced food preparation techniques or recipes
(Value: $300)

what is in the refrigerator

9 Easy homework assignments
that develop your recipe writing skills,
menu planning ability and improve your health.
(Value: True learning of principles)

Personal attention. Your homework assignments are examined directly by me to give you the guidance you need to succeed.

10 Articles and access to additional info
an any aspect of this coaching program mentioned
in the 15-Point Menu Analysis.
(Value: Long-term memory of the new info)

I would love to personally coach you in your own kitchen but that would be difficult, time-intensive and expensive. With my 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program on Diet Makeovers, you are only a telephone and email away from my expert advice on how to get your diet on track once and for all, how to prevent disease and how to create tasty meals and menus that become the envy of all your friends.

Why Take Risks on Your Health?

You cannot buy a program like this from your medical doctor. You won't learn it all in an expensive retreat and you'll spend years trying to get the info on your own. You can take cooking classes but finding all this in one place is impossible because no one else has created such a program.

What you put into your mouth is one of the strongest indicators of your health now and in the future. Join me in this coaching program where stepping into your kitchen will become a major stepping stone for your health.

Sign Up Today and Get Your Diet Makeover!

Teleseminars start Thursday, March 20th at 6 p.m.

Want a $50 referral fee? For every friend who signs up, send me an email with your friend's name, email address and sign-up date. You'll receive an email back with how to collect your $50 referral fee. An alternative to this is simply signing up as an affiliiate. For more information on this, see our affiliate info page.

Special note to all my patients who have had a hair analysis test since Jan. 1, 2006:

By signing up for the 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program, you receive your next hair analysis consultation for free, an $89-$99 value. (Pay only the $46 lab fee) Offer good until April 15th. Send me an email if you would like to take advantage of this or give it to one of your friends.


Cost of the 90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program

The value of this 90-day coaching program is much more than the $1725 worth of value you receive. You are receiving the principles you need to turn your kitchen into a daily health-regenerating room in your home for the rest of your life.

In some cases, you may be able to use this nutrition coaching program as a tax deduction (Even the IRS recognizes certain health conditions such as obesity as an illness requiring nutrition instruction.)

Sign up by the deadline, March 18th at 5 p.m.
and pay $597 for the entire program.

This allows plenty of time to complete your 15-Point Menu Analysis. After March 18th, the fee is $647.

Click below on the payment plan that works best for you:

Plan A

____Pay by credit card $597 in one payment,
or by check made payable to Dr. Donna Schwontkowski.
Mail to P.O. Box 307, Carmichael CA 95609.

Plan B

____Pay by credit card in three payments of $199,
once every 28 days. A handling fee of $25
is added to the first payment.

Plan C

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would like to sign up for the next one.
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Other Options

I am always committed to helping as many people as possible get the info they need to improve their health. If you can sincerely say believe this program is what you need and need other payment arrangements, please email me at and explain your circumstances. Include your phone number and I will call you back.

I look forward to coaching you in the kitchen and helping you make a diet makeover! I know it will change your life!


Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

Your Diet Makeovers Coach

P.S. Class size is limited and we are getting sign-ups even before we release this info to the internet! If you are one of the first 10 applicants accepted will receive a copy of my most recent ebook, The Party Solution Handbook. This ebook is packed with information about how to make your next party memorable and how to create healthy party recipes.