Chemotherapy Treatment:
How To Beat Lack of Energy

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Master Herbalist, D.C. (ret)

Chemotherapy can take a big toll on a cancer patient. It's common to have side effects such as nausea, lack of appetite, mouth sores, lack of energy and hair loss. Many people think that because these side effects are quite common, everyone on chemotherapy will have the same experience. The good news is that this is not true.

Nausea, lack of appetite, mouth sores, lack of energy and hair loss can be prevented by using all natural herbs combined in specific dosages in an herbal formula. Many people have been reporting on the elimination of chemotherapy side effects of one all natural herb formula called Leucozepin (R) after using it for only seven days. Some patients even reported that they were able to get off bed rest and start working again while others notice that nausea and lack of energy has been eliminated.

Why Do Chemotherapy Patients have Lack of Energy?

Chemotherapy drugs often cause low levels of white and red blood cells, which contributes to the feeling of lack of energy. By killing cancer cells, some healthy cells as well are killed. It takes time for the body to recover and start the production of new cells again. In the meantime, the person feels tired and as if all their energy has been zapped out of them. Once in this weakened mental and physical state, it becomes easy to give up the will to live.

That's where the all natural herb formulas such as Leucozepin (R), Apazin (R), Enerhance (R), and Immuforce (R) come to the rescue. In many cultures, all natural herbs have been used to build the cell counts in the blood back up to normal levels. Other all natural herbs act on one cell of the white blood cell line, for example, the natural killer cells, which specifically kill cancer cells.

Natural Effects from Herbs Only Help the Body

The reason that Leucozepin (R) works so well is that the proprietary formula contains 15 all natural herbs with known anti-cancer effects, known action that supports the immune system, and known anti-oxidant properties. For example, the all natural herbs Astragalus and Bai-zhu atractylodeshas activate white blood cells, both T and B cells, which are important in the battle against cancer. Reishi mushrooms have been heavily researched and promote the production of natural killer cells which specifically kill cancer cells.

Leucozepin(R) also contains tangerine, dong quai, Chinese licorice, dendrobium, ligustrum lucidum, spatholobus, codonopsis, psoralea, polygonaturm, poria seed, lycium fruit, and rehmannia.

When all natural herbs are combined together, their effect on the body is often greater than the effect seen by each individual herb. Herbs augment each other, resulting in greater results for the person taking them. This is the case of Leucozepin (R) which has been found to boost energy levels thereby eliminating the chemotherapy fatigue and lack of energy, boost production of antibodies and interferon, and also boost the levels of the white and red blood cells.

The all natural Leucozepin (R) formula can be taken before chemotherapy starts, during chemotherapy and even afterwards. This all natural herb formula has been a blessing to those taking it because it allows them to finish their course of chemotherapy with minimal side effects. They receive the best of both worlds, the medical and the all natural herb world; two opposing viewpoints that are blended together to result in a better quality of life.

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