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Any Way to Relieve Cancer Pain?

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Master Herbalist, D.C. (ret)

Gerty was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph system ten years ago. She received cancer treatment that included chemotherapy and had pain in her back ever since. She didn't know what to do about it and told herself she was happy to be alive and went on through life, enduring the "cancer pain".

Statistics report that 30-45% of people with cancer experience moderate to severe "cancer pain". The incidence increases to 70 to 90% for those with advanced cancer. Studies show that even cancer survivors of 10 years or more are still suffering from "cancer pain" including back and neck pain, just like Gerty experienced.

Solutions Have Been Limited

What are the options? Gerty, like many others, was prescribed Vicodin that she used regularly. The problem was that as time went on, the pain really didn't decrease much and she found herself dependent on it for the little pain control she received for the cancer pain.

Until recently there haven't been many options for the relief of cancer pain. Although there are herbs and herbal combinations that have been created for building muscles, recovery from illnesses, eliminate infections, and stress relief herbs, the formulas on the market for natural pain relief made from herbs are limited to ones primarily containing arnica. However, arnica is not potent enough to relieve cancer pain.

Herbs Can Control Cancer Pain?

That's when one company, LIFEnhance, got busy and started researching what really could be done to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. With a strong herbal research background, they knew that if they combined enough of the right herbs together in the right dosages, they could eventually assist people in the natural pain relief with herbs for cancer pain. Cancer fighting herbs include herbs that boost the immune system, increase the body's detoxification ability, support the body by providing nutrients; why couldn't there be herbs that fought against cancer pain?

After much research, a formula of 14 different herbs was created that resulted in cancer pain relief for those with mild to moderate cancer pain. Some of those herbs include red sage, red peony, notoginseng root, white peony, cnidium and lotus node. The reasons why cancer pain is decreased becomes obvious when one reviews the actions of the natural herbs themselves by reviewing their anthropological data and scientific data.

How the Herbs Really Work

Notoginseng helps control bleeding and reduces swelling and pain. Whenever any area of the body swells, there will be pain because of pressure receptors and pain receptors that send pain messages to the brain. For example, did you ever sprain your ankle? How much pain did you have from that injury? The swelling from the tissue damage contributed to the amount of pain you feel. In cancer patients, the cancer pain can be from tissue damage as bones, muscles, and organs are destroyed by the cancer that causes swelling.

White peony is an herb that is specifically used by Chinese herbalists for pain in the chest, abdomen and ribs. Red sage is used to treat abdominal pain and pain from stagnant blood. Red peony is a specific Chinese herb used for abdominal pain, rib pain, hernia, swelling and produces a tranquilizing effect.

Cnidium is an interesting herb because it is known for its ability to control pain, improve blood circulation and promote the flow of life energy throughout the body. Cnidium has been used traditionally to treat headache, abdominal pain, and menstrual disorders. Cnidium contains the active ingredient ferulic acid which may contribute to its effectiveness in treating cancer pain.

The herbal gurus at LIFEnhance found that not only did their new creation, called Eezeapein, help diminish cancer pain, but also was quite effective for nerve pain, pain in the muscles and bones, migraine headache pain, stomach ache pain, and PMS pain. They ended up achieving their goal, that of natural pain relief using herbs, for cancer pain.

If you are experiencing cancer pain or watching one of your loved ones experience cancer pain, it's good to know that now there is the possibility of relief from the world of all natural herbs.

For more information on relieving cancer pain, click on All Natural Herbs for Chemotherapy Patients For more info on the reduction of side effects from chemotherapy

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